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LoCost Removals is one of Melbourne's most respected removals businesses for its "professional services at affordable prices". We welcome you to our moving guide blog where we will be addressing many moving issues including removalist tips, removals specials and more. 

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Moving News

July 17, 2013
Horsham removals

Horsham removals

Moving house can be painful and time consuming, but putting everything into boxes and hoping it all reaches your new home in the same condition doesn’t have to be difficult.   Lo Cost Horsham Removals offers you these simple tips to make packing easy!

  1. Get rid of those possessions that have been gathering dust and cluttering up the cupboards.  This will save you time and money as you will have fewer things to pack and you could even make some extra cash by having a garage sale or putting things onto sites such as Ebay. 
  2. Only use quality removal cartons and boxes.  Mismatched old boxes are difficult to stack, and are much less likely to adequately protect your belongings.  Lo-cost Removals can provide you with the necessary pre-packaging wrappings, cartons, and purpose designed packaging. 
  3. Now for the packing!
    1. Use packing tape to reinforce the boxes – this is particularly important for breakable or heavy items.
    2. Layer items according to weight and size – heavy items first followed by lighter items on top
    3. Try not to leave empty space in boxes – make sure items can’t move around in boxes with space fillers like towels, bubble wrap or newspaper.
    4. LABEL everything!  This helps with the unpacking process as your Horsham removalist knows precisely where the boxes need to be deposited.  Remember to add ‘fragile’ to those boxes with breakable items. 
    5. Map out where things need to go in your new home.  Beds, shelves and dressers, tables etc.  Create diagrams that you carry with you and give one to your Lo-Cost Horsham Removals supervisor. 
    6. Prepare well in advance and enjoy your move with Lo-Cost Horsham Removals!

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